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Packed full of downloads, links and free resources, free downloadable MP3 recordings:

Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Call
Feedback about this session included "Thank you for the session, wow, it was so liberating and every single subject you touched on for releasing was relevant to me personally." Someone just listening to the recording having not been on the live event said: "Just listening to the recording, as soon as I gave my consent I was suddenly connected to this massive flow of energy."

Guided Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Process
Part of a Keynote Presentation created for the Association of Meridian Therapies (AMT) Annual Conference, the recording guides the listener through a series of processes including how to generate and create more physical energy, a powerful waking meditation, and the increasingly famous Huna Forgiveness Process (as popularised by Joe Vitale).

Dream Recall and Interpretation
This MP3 recording provides insight in how to enhance your ability to programme your dreams, what you can do to more fully experience and remember your dreams, and guidance on how to personally interpret your own dreams and symbols.

Banish Procrastination
For many people the real problem isn't just about lack of time, resources, motivation or knowledge, the underlying culprit and saboteur is often procrastination. This MP3 shares some of the deeper causes of procrastination, how to recognise them, and provides practical and very effective tips on how to banish the issue in order to really start moving and taking action.

The TranceFormations™ Resources Page also provides links to articles, videos, and recordings including How to Remember Your Presentation in Just 30 Minutes, Understanding and Harnessing Your Inner Archetypes, and How to Maximise Work Performance. The page will be updated regularly so do check back for further new material.

The resources page currently contains over 15 FREE downloadable mp3's. Free books including Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles. It also includes your free 60-Page Coaching Workbook, The Access Consciousness Starter Clearing Statement, and groundbreaking interviews and Teleseminar Workshops. To gain free access to this page just enter a valid e-mail address in the form above and an access code will be sent to you automatically.

More Video and Audio inside the Resources Area

How To Sleep Just 2-Hours a Night & Still Feel Energised

Public Speaking Tips for the Terrified

An Introduction to Hawaiian Huna (short version) - Full version inside the Resources area

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