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The Money Breakthrough Programme
The results from the Money Breakthrough Programme have been astounding. Here is what a couple of the participants had to say at the start of their journey:

"Wow, this is awesome, love being on the Programme Marilyn, thank you." xxx

"We rarely examine our relationship with money yet if we took the time we might be amazed at how much it says about our relationships with people. Be bold... Take the first step to improve your relationship with money and you might be pleasantly surprised. I recommend this programme, and it does MORE than what it says on the tin." ;-)

I am really appreciating just how valuable this money programme is - it's wonderful to have short exercises that don't take too long, but- over the course of a month we will have covered soooooo much that it's virtually impossible to not have any shifts at all I think. Nice one Marilyn, I'm loving this programme! Thank you."

This is just a tiny snippet of the feedback from participants taking the 28-Day Money Breakthrough eCoaching Programme.

In addition to the Money Breakthrough Exercises which are delivered daily via e-mail, there is also the option of joining the lifetime Private Facebook Coaching Group run by Marilyn Devonish. There will also be a series of live Teleseminar Coaching and Energy Clearing calls.

The eCoaching Programme part of the Programme is automated so you can start at any time. For further information and to join the Money Breakthrough Programme go to: http://themoneybreakthroughprogramme.eventbrite.co.uk/


Relationship Breakthrough Workshop
Do you want to break free of old relationship patterns and release yourself from the old emotional baggage of the past? Are you living and playing out the same old stories when it comes to relationships and affairs of the heart? Are you aware that you have unconsciously closed your heart for fear of getting hurt again? Would you like a way to really understand the journey that you have been on, and uncover some of the unconscious Archetypes and drivers that run both your life and your relationships? If so, this Relationship Breakthrough Workshop is for you.

This 1-Day Workshop covered a host of topics including practical techniques for opening your heart. How to clairvoyantly choose 'the one.' The HeartMath™ Heart Lock In Process, exploring your Relationship Script and Archetypal Journey, and Huna and Access Consciousness energy clearing and belief change work.

Now available as an online DVD or mp4 recording. You can watch a Free 40-minute overview at: http://therelationshipbreakthrough.eventbrite.co.uk/

The TranceFormation™ Programme

The TranceFormation™ Programme
The Marilyn Devonish TranceFormation™ Programme is an in-depth step by step process for understanding, re-aligning, appreciating, and where necessary, changing and transforming your life. As well as removing old blocks, barriers, and limitations, it is also about opening up the space for greater possibilities in order to be the person that you were truly meant to be.

Gradually constructed over a period of 13 years, and combining all of the components that have become part of the legendary Breakthrough Sessions and Intuitive Energy Clearing Sessions, the Life TranceFormation™ Programme is an alchemic mix of the best strategies that I have both learnt and developed for my clients during that period of time. I think of it as a recipe for creating more mental and spiritual alignment, peace, and harmony in what is increasingly becoming an insanely busy world.

To join the next TranceFormation™ Programme go to: http://thetranceformationprogramme.eventbrite.com/


The Magic
Want to know The Secret to creating daily magic easily and effortlessly? This 6-Week eCoaching and Teleseminar Workshop allows you to participate from wherever you happen to be in the world.

What have previous Magic participants said about this life changing Programme?

"Marilyn's Magic Programme is unique, profound, and life changing. Marilyn over delivered and excelled. It was life changing and fabulous and if anything it exceeded my expectations. I feel grateful to have been a part of it. It is guaranteed that you will never be the same person again. You will excel in everything you do. Thank you Marilyn."

To join the next Magic Programme go to: http://themagic.eventbrite.com/


Returning for yet another year, this groundbreaking 1-Day Workshop brings together 3 experts from the field of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Previous delegates have gone on to literally create a life of their dreams, including finally after many years finding the love of their life, and starting a brand new life living abroad!

What have previous attendees said about the Workshop?

I just wanted to say thank you to you, and all your teams for an amazing day yesterday.
I won't say I was a sceptic because I am not - but I was coming to just see and that's all no expectations.
I left feeling physically, mentally and emotionally recharged with a clear vision for 2013 - more importantly with the certainty and confidence to take ALL the actions and opportunities I am gifted with.
You nearly look a day younger - this was my first experience of you doing your thing and you are very good - but you know that.
Gina was lovely - not scarey - comforting and supportive - I loved her bit and of course.
So thank you again - have an amazing day, and fabulous Xmas and 2013
see you again soon"
With much love and gratitude


To join us this December go to: http://mbsenergyfest.eventbrite.com/


The Millionaire Mentor Day
Set in a beautiful private mansion, this very unique and special day is designed to blow your beliefs and boundaries around money AND give you real life, immediately applicable millionaire strategies, literally straight from a millionaire's mouth. Millionaire Mentor Sukhi Wahiwala expertly guides you through the strategies that he has used to build over 20 successful businesses, while Marilyn Devonish uses her skills and expertise to help you shift and remove the blocks and barriers to achieving your financial goals and business plans.

For further information and current dates go to: www.millionairementorevent.eventbrite.com/


This live teleseminar and webinar series is a potent mix of Access Consciousness, Hawaiian Huna, NLP, DNA Theta Healing, and a host of other powerful personal transformation and change technologies. Whether listening in live, or catching up with the recordings that are sent to all registered participants, previous delegates have been blown away by the instantaneous transformations and results that they have experienced. Further dates will be announced throughout the year so to register or join the next event go to: https://accesstransformation.eventbrite.com/

What have previous teleseminar delegates said?

"Thank you so much for yesterday's session. Wow! It was so liberating every single subject you touched on for releasing was relevant to me personally. I didn't realise that I had so many unresolved issues."

"As you were doing the clearing it felt as though you were talking directly to me. I connected to every single issue and I feel so much clearer now."

To join the next event go to: https://accesstransformation.eventbrite.com/


The Access Consciousness Bars are based on 32 points on the head, which when gently touched release anything that limits you and doesn't allow you to receive. Each point contains the thoughts, beliefs, judgement, limitations and restricted ideas in any lifetime, and when you ‘run the Bars' it can release 1000's of years worth of mental programming and limitations that you have picked up and inherited along the way. Having your bars run is both relaxing and nurturing, and really opens you up to be in a place where you are able to more easily receive. Marilyn Devonish offers both private one-to-one Bars Sessions and Bespoke Group Workshops for groups of 4 or more people.

For further information go to: https://accessbarsworkshop.eventbrite.com/


Are you overwhelmed with the number of books, e-mails, journals or electronic documents that you need to read? Are you a slow reader, wondering if there really is a way to accelerate your reading speed and comprehension? Would you like a way to open up your intuition, creativity and ability to retain and utilise all of your learning's? If so, PhotoReading is definitely for you!

What have other attendee's said about Marilyn's PhotoReading Workshop?

"This has been one of the best Workshops ever. PhotoReading is pretty exciting in itself, but when Marilyn Devonish teaches, she adds her own energy work magic (clearing and healing), it's a pretty phenomenal combo."

For special offers and early booking discounts go to: http://secretofphotoreading.eventbrite.com/

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