The NeuroSuccess Plan

The Keys to Living a More Limitless Life and
Retraining Your Brain for Success

How would you like to really activate and engage your brain and neurology for even greater achievement and success?

28 Day NeuroSuccess Programme
The 28-Day NeuroSuccess Programme created by Marilyn Devonish is designed to do just that and so much more. Pushing the boundaries of limitless change, personal achievement, and transformation, this 28-Day eCoaching Programme is the culmination of 14 years of observation, study, and research.


Based on extensive neurological research from the past 60 years to the present day, The NeuroSuccess Limitless Programme has been designed for those who want to push the boundaries and limitations of what we believe we are capable of.

It is a 28-Day online and eCoaching Programme where you receive a series of daily e-mail Exercises, all designed to help you access more of your brain and human potential. Designed to take just 5 minutes per day, these exercises will open up new and expanded possibilities in all areas of your life.

As you will see when you look at the forerunner to this Programme, the Magic & Gratitude eCoaching Programme, which is outlined below, even though the exercises are short and sweet, and straight to the point, they really do pack a life changing and transformational punch.

Join The Limitless Programme, available in three levels; Basic, Silver or Gold.

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 Basic Package Buy Now
Price £147.00
The Limitless Programme - Basic Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar.

 Silver Package Buy Now
Price £277.00
The Limitless Programme - Silver Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar and Private NeuroSuccess Coaching Session(s).

 Gold Package Buy Now
Price £547.00
The Limitless Programme - Gold Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar, Private NeuroSuccess Coaching Session(s), Private Future Life Progression Session, Online Access to PhotoReading DVD, Online Access to Limitless Workshop and Gratitude Journal.



Would you like to:

  • Achieve more in less time
  • Push the boundaries of what you believe you are capable of
  • Discover simple yet powerful ways to apply the latest techniques in this new field of neuroplasticity and NeuroSuccess
  • Change and transform your life by investing just 5 minutes a day
  • Be part of an accountability group that both supports and pushes you to achieve greater success
  • Utilise strategies that Olympic athletes, business moguls, and the super successful have been secretly using to achieve ever increasing levels of success
  • Bring aspects of Hollywood super leaning to life
  • Gain access to mind and neuroscience strategies that are proven and effective
If you have said "Yes" to any of the above then the NeuroSuccess Limitless Programme is for you.

This programme is designed to help you achieve greater success. To help you push beyond your real and perceived boundaries, and to help you measure and bench mark your success. As management guru Peter Drucker famously, said: "What gets measured gets managed." I would also add to that: What gets measured and is externally accountable tends to get done, and this Programme is designed to offer that all important accountability and ongoing support.


In a nutshell this is a 28-Day eCoaching Programme and 'Lifetime' Group Support Programme. As long as you have access to at least a smart phone with e-mail you can take part from anywhere in the world. The NeuroSuccess Limitless Programme includes:
  • Daily NeuroSuccess e-mail delivered directly to your e-mail inbox and designed to engage your brain and push those neurological and mental boundaries
  • Group Teleseminar with Marilyn Devonish and guest speaker Dr Cos Fantis on how to achieve more limitless success
  • Private one-to-one NeuroSuccess Laser Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish (Silver and Gold Participants only)
  • Lifetime admission to a secret and private Limitless Facebook group for ongoing support after completion of the eCoaching and Teleseminar Programme
  • Online access to the Marilyn Devonish Introduction to PhotoReading™ DVD (Gold Participants only)
  • Online access to the Limitless Screening and Workshop Event (Gold Participants only)
  • Private one-to-one Future Life Progression Strategy Session with Marilyn Devonish (Gold Participants only)


The NeuroSuccess Programme is designed for those who specifically want to accelerate their business and personal performance and success, and access more of the potential of their mind and brain.

It also for those who recognise that when it comes to their mental abilities and performance, there is probably way more capacity available, and in some respects you might even feel that you are literally scratching the surface of your potential and capabilities.

The people who have participated in the live Limitless event included:

  • Doctors
  • Musician
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • School Teacher
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Management Consultants
  • Local Authority Civil Servant
  • Property Developer

As you will see from the examples below from some of my previous programmes, anyone can do it and be successful if they choose to, regardless of their background and experience. I know that some of the success stories might sound outlandish; Being handed £10,000 cheques, effortless new jobs abroad, finding the long awaited love of their life, being headhunted to headline top industry events, being sent money in the post to be able to take some much needed time off, and the list goes on.

I always design my Programmes to ensure maximum success, particularly for those that I am working with on a one-to-one basis.


  • 1. This Programme is delivered via e-mail so you can take part from anywhere in the world as long as you have e-mail access. An e-mail with the Daily Limitless Exercise will be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox every day over a period of 28-Days.
  • 2. If you choose to be part of the online Accountability Group you will also need a Facebook account. The Facebook Group is Free Lifetime Membership for as long as you choose to be part of it.
  • 3. A telephone would also be helpful if you want to take part in the live Group Coaching Teleseminar (dates to be agreed with the launch Programme participants). You will also receive mp3 recordings of any Teleseminar Calls if you are unable to make the live call.

The live Teleseminar option is available to those taking part in the launch Programme. An mp3 recording will be available thereafter.


I discovered from creating and running my 28-Day Daily Magic & Gratitude eCoaching Programme back in February 2013 that this approach, although seemingly remote because it essentially takes place online via e-mail and Facebook, could still be life changing and deeply personal and impactful. One of the members of the Gratitude Facebook Group recently posted this:

"Oh, guys, you have no idea how much I needed these last postings ... WOW ... I'm speechless, but extremely grateful ... It feels so good to be part of this group ... You all are amazingly warm special people. Strong individually, a force as a group! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

This is from someone who had never personally met the other people within the secret Facebook Accountability Group. They went on to say:

"The magic power of one's mind is beyond imagination if and only if there is both consistent belief and constant appreciation ... There is good in every situation, choosing to see it is the hard part, but once we learn to do so, giving thanks becomes first nature  ... I'm very excited by the Magic workshop and I thank you Marilyn for the time and effort you're putting into it for all of us."

People's dreams were coming true within a few short weeks of joining the eCoaching Programme:

"Wow Marilyn! I am truly happy for Sonny and I am happy for myself, happy to be a part of your Magic circle. It is so wonderful to read how people's lives change in such wonderful way and mine will never be the same thanks to you my dear!!! THANK YOU Marilyn Devonish the words could not describe how amazing, empowering. life changing and truly magical your course was!! Please keep on doing your magical work. YOU are an inspiration. Big warm hug xxxx God bless you Marilyn
Hugs and love"

Ana Capone xx

Wishes were being granted:

We had one member of the group focus on creating the finances to be able to take some time off to get their 'head sorted out.' A couple of months later someone sent them a cheque in the post, out of the blue, completely unprompted, just so that they could do exactly that. One of the things I hear most often from my clients is: "Wow. You are not going to believe this!"

Career goals were being attained:

One of my Gratitude & Magic Programme participants was focused on reviving part of their career. As the miraculous changes unfolded this is what they had to say on some of those changes:

".......More has evolved since then, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Marilyn's excellent coaching programme based around Rhonda Byrne's 'The Magic'. It is a simple, easy to follow and practical programme spread over a month which can deliver amazing results. Marilyn's supportive, holistic & experienced coaching combined with the simple exercises make for a fun, insightful & powerful coaching course, which (if followed) will deliver some remarkable results. One of the very best programmes I have ever done, in large part, due to Marilyn's experience & combination of skills. Highly recommended." BEN BROPHY

I know it sounds miraculous, and there are a ton of other stories just like this from participants on my Magic & Gratitude Programme, Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop, TranceFormation™ Programme, and Breakthrough Coaching Programmes. I expect and intend that The NeuroSuccess Limitless Programme will follow suit.

It has been designed to connect with those people who are now looking for more life and career success, and who want to maximise their human potential.


Cue Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

This new Limitless Programme was initially inspired by the Hollywood Movie Limitless where Bradley aka Eddie Morra goes from down and out, girlfriend dumped him no hoper failed writer to brilliant bestselling author, stock market genius, and suave socially adept, sought after, and charismatic businessman and politician literally overnight.


For those who have never seen the film, visit my Limitless Eventbrite page for the back story:

"Marilyn, you are doing a lot of this stuff already!"

A medical Doctor and trainee Neurosurgeon Dr Cos Fantis attended my PhotoReading™ Workshop and was excited by what I was teaching and how I was teaching it because not only did it reflect what he knew about the mind and brain from his medical and neuroscience studies and practice, it also, unknown to me, had a deep resonance and parallels with the movie Limitless. Dr Cos suggested that I watch the film. Once I'd see it, I came to the same realisation and conclusion. The rest, as they say, is history.....


Based in the same tried and tested model from my 28-Day Magic & Gratitude Programme, every day for 28 days you will receive a Daily Exercise e-mail. It will give you an overview of what you will be doing or focusing on that day, and provide a short summary of what I call the 'Because' section which is the neurological or scientific reasoning behind the exercise. That is followed by a step by step outline of what to do and how to put the exercise into practice.

An example is outlined below:

Limitless 28 Day Programme


"Have you got 5 minutes?"

It's a question that my TranceFormation™ Programme clients are all too familiar with. If you can find at least 5 minutes a day, you have the time to take part in this Programme.

I have designed each of the daily exercises to take 3-5 minutes to implement. Do not however be fooled by the seeming simplicity because as you have already seen from the testimonials of those who have taken part in my 28-Day Gratitude Programme, truly miraculous things can happen as a result of those focused 5 minutes.

Over the 14+ years that I have been a Coach, Therapist, and Corporate Trainer, and Change Management Consultant, I have come to realise that change and transformation can happen in an instant, and it is often the complicated things that I have distilled down to their simplest form which are the ones that deliver the most life changing impact.


Although I have been using the ideas, approaches, exercises, and practices contained within this new Limitless Programme since October 2000, this is the first time that I have put them together in such a concentrated and focused way, so much like many of my 'experimental programmes' over the years I know what I intend, and that or something even better is usually what comes to pass.....

To experience it, as with most things in life, you are going to have to make the decision to take the plunge, say yes, and come and join us for what I already know is going to be another incredible Programme.


My annual December Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest event came about as a result of an early morning dream and seemingly random idea.

Attendees have often returned year on year every December. Each in succession said: "I got everything that I worked on last year so I am back again this year for more of the same!"

One of the attendees at that Workshop said:

"Happy New Year Marilyn and an especially HUGE Thank You for the Power of Three! I have had some massive breakthroughs already in preparation for 2012 and now expect the most massive growth, expansion, learning's, connections & Love in the coming months! From the depth of my heart Thank you again and the very best wishes for you in this exciting year."

My very thought patterns and feelings & experience has shifted! It seems like I am living in a new world! Phenomenal!!" Keith Higgs

Keith also wanted to improve his finances and meet the love of his life that year. Something he had been trying to for many years..... Keith returned to the workshop the following year to share his remarkable story. The picture below speaks for itself!

Keith Higgs
Keith Higgs

Another participant from one of my 'Marilyn Experimental' Programmes said:

"Just spent an awesome afternoon being interviewed by an Awesome Magical Lady, otherwise known as the Transformation Lady, Marilyn Devonish. She asked me to record the story of the Magic created in my life as a direct result of attending her workshop...every word is Marilyn for the full story ;-)" AMMANA SHAKA, INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CONSULTANT

You can watch the full video interview with Ammana sharing her incredible story on the Testimonial Page of my website.

My Magic & Gratitude Programme was also created as a result of dream and an experimental process. Here is what another of the participants on that first Programme said:

"I cannot say enough about your Magic & Gratitude Coaching programme. I feel so blessed to have participated and benefit from it every day! The philosophy of Magic which encompasses Faith trust joy and all seeing joy in all has helped give me a new perspective on so many things and life! What made it all most effective was having such an amazing mentor and guide if you will through the Magic journey! Highly recommended and should be a prerequisite to take at some point in everyone's life!!!" SONNY OLMO, USA

The NeuroSuccess Limitless Programme has a different theme and focus to the Magic & Gratitude Programme however it is structured in the same way so I expect similar results or something even better!

I, Marilyn Devonish, and Dr Cos Fantis ran live 1-Day Limitless Workshop & Screening event as a pre-cursor to this Limitless online eCoaching Programme. Participants said:

"Thanks Marilyn Devonish and Dr Cos Fantis for a fantastic and enlightening day." DOCTOR, LONDON

"What I liked best about the Limitless Workshop was the theory and background, group discussions, group clearing sessions, neuroscience session, watching the movie. It's quite difficult to answer this really, because I really felt that the different parts fed into each other so nicely to create the final result so to speak.

My biggest gain was from the Future Life Progression (FLP) section, I've been waiting for a new direction in my life, and I kind of new that it wasn't exclusively music, but certainly wasn't doing what I'm doing now. The FLP session presented me with something brand new, indeed something rather surprising, which was exciting.

I found the neurological information really interesting, it's good to have scientific information presented by a scientist rather than someone who's heard of an article, or might of stumbled upon an article which references a journal in the daily mail. There's often so much stuff that's shared on facebook which are half truths etc, that is great to have some present stuff that can back up the facts in an authentic, well researched fashion. I think that energy is really welcome in personal development and modern day spirituality. Use science and spirituality to support each other, not attack each other." MUSICIAN, LONDON


To join the Limitless Programme simply choose your level of participation (Basic, Silver, or Gold) and click on the relevant 'BUY NOW' button. You will then receive automatic access to these life changing exercises and processes.

Enquiry form here

Join The Limitless Programme , available in three level's, Basic, Silver, or Gold.

All payments are secured by PayPal.

 Basic Package Buy Now
Price £147.00
The Limitless Programme - Basic Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar.

 Silver Package Buy Now
Price £277.00
The Limitless Programme - Silver Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar and Private NeuroSuccess Coaching Session(s).

 Gold Package Buy Now
Price £547.00
The Limitless Programme - Gold Package:
Includes; Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise, Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook, Group Teleseminar, Private NeuroSuccess Coaching Session(s), Private Future Life Progression Session, Online Access to PhotoReading DVD, Online Access to Limitless Workshop and Gratitude Journal.




You will receive your welcome orientation e-mail immediately, and your Daily Limitless Coaching Exercises will begin tomorrow. It’s as simple as that!

If you are a previous paying client contact Marilyn Devonish directly for your 15% off Client Discount Code which is applicable to the Silver and Gold Level Programmes.

An overview of the participation levels is outlined below.

Daily eCoaching E-mail Exercise
Lifetime Access to Private Limitless Facebook
Group Teleseminar
Private NeuroSuccess Coaching Session(s)  
Private Future Life Progression Session    
Online Access to PhotoReading DVD    
Online Access to Limitless Workshop    
Gratitude Journal    


The previous eCoaching Programmes that I've run over the years have been hands on and live. From 2015 I am scaling back on the smaller live sessions because I realise I can't always be everywhere, and I am devoting time to writing my first series of books, working with the private clients on my TranceFormation™ Programme, and with my Breakthrough Coaching clients.

So, if you would like to be part of this Live Programme rather than future recorded versions, sign up now!

Because this Programme is still evolving, those signing up for this Launch Programme will receive some of the additional updates during the launch period free of charge.


You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Change mindset beliefs and strategies that no longer serve you
  • Create incremental and cumulative changes that can impact your life in big ways
  • Re-wire your brain and neurology for greater success and achievement
  • Change your state and outlook and life tap into more of your limitless potential
  • Learn proven and tried and tested NeuroSuccess game changers which go beyond things that just
         sound like a good idea
  • Discover natural ways to improve brain function
  • Bring aspects of Hollywood super leaning to life
Those of you that have ever taken one of my Workshops or Programmes will know that it is always packed with magical and life changing extras. On this Programme we will also explore:

  • Future Life Progression to go out and gather future success strategies and explain
          some of the scientific research to support that.
  • The scientific research that proves fears, phobias, and negative emotions can be
          passed down through genetics and the ancestral line before you even existed, and how to go back
          and change that.
  • Access to additional research and findings via the NeuroSuccess Website

I very much look forward to working with you all and being part of yet more life changing TranceFormational journeys!

Warm regards,

Marilyn Devonish

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