PhotoReading Self-Study

Hundreds of thousands have this very course. You are in good company.

It is so simple that you will PhotoRead your first book within the first hour - the dictionary! Finish your course and you will be absorbing information at least three times faster than you can now.

Author Paul R. Scheele packed techniques, advice, and activities into nine CDs or audio tapes to guide you into full use of PhotoReading. The course is designed for anyone age 13 and up.

PhotoReading Deluxe Course Contents

Classic PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course
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£209 + 9.50 p&p

Deluxe PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course
See What's Included
£330 + 9.50 p&p

The Classic Course Contains:

CD 1 - Preview the PhotoReading system and PhotoRead the dictionary!

CD 2 - Play the mind-bending Star of Wonder to see how the mind blocks learning and how you can succeed. You review the different types of reading.

CD 3 - Explore the core of PhotoReading

CD 4 - PhotoRead a book

CD 5 - Quickly understand a book

CD 6 - Discover the power of "Mind Mapping" and "Dreaming" as valuable tools for PhotoReading

CD 7 - PhotoRead another book

CD 8 - How to use PhotoReading on any written material - business, school, technical, email, home-improvement, finances, memory enhancement, and mind development.

CD 9 - Bonus: Memory Supercharger Paraliminal session to greatly increase your ability to concentrate and remember what you read.

Dictionary - You'll get a dictionary to PhotoRead in minutes for an amazing effect.

68-Page Course Manual - You will get a wealth of support material, summaries, and quick reference pages.

Natural Brilliance book - Paul Scheele's popular book shows you how to overcome any challenges at will. You will PhotoRead this book, too, as part of the course. Its powerful message will become a natural part of your approach to life and learning.

PhotoReading book - You receive Paul Scheele's completely updated Third Edition, FREE.

The Deluxe Course contains:
Everything in the Classic Course listed below plus...

The "PhotoReading Activator" Paraliminal CD to master PhotoReading

Listen daily with your eyes closed to wire PhotoReading into your genius mind. 

This special CD is normally only available to students in our seminars. It is offered as a bonus for a limited time.

The "PhotoReading Results Supercharger" 3-DVD Pack

Watch these three DVD's to soar to higher levels of reading and learning performance. You will see three one-hour television documentaries that follow PhotoReading students who take their accomplishments to the next level. Watch six students do the PhotoReading challenge on TV. They will each be given thirty minutes to get through a thick book and be grilled on stage in front of a live audience. See what they do. Hear Paul Scheele describe how they do it so you can do the same.

You'll also receive 11 "Special Features" on the DVD's that show you

  • How to PhotoRead multiple books on a single subject all at the same time
  • How to use the "Emotional Freedom Technique" to free yourself from tension that limits learning
  • How to use "Brain Gym" and "Edu-K" to learn faster and better
  • How to use "EO's" to energize your body from head to toe
  • How to use Win Wenger's "Windtunnel" process - a creative form of brainstorming using the "Image Stream" - to vastly improve comprehension
  • How to use mind mapping to dramatically increase retention
  • How to use PhotoReading in school
  • How to use "Seven Energy Taps" to stimulate brain activity

    ...and so much more!

Classic PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course
See What's Included
£209 + 9.50 p&p

Deluxe PhotoReading Whole Mind System Self-Study Course
See What's Included
£330 + 9.50 p&p

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

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