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What if you could go through a book as fast as you could turn the pages?
Imagine all the reading you could finally get through. I get excited just thinking about it...

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3-Day Online PhotoReading Certification Training

"Why read a chapter in 3 days when you can devour a whole book in 1-hour and recall more." Dr Cos Fantis, Doctor (and soon to be Neuro Surgeon)

"Amazing, amazing, amazing, what a special programme Ė highly recommended Ė Thank you Marilyn Ė very inspirational." Tracy Hilliard, Smudge Consulting

"I learned beyond my wildest expectations! Highly recommended for anyone that wants to begin to establish their potential. Thank you Marilyn. You ROCK!!!" Erika Brodnock, Karisma Kidz

"If you choose one workshop choose this one as it will help you in your learning. Marilyn I cannot thank you enough for holding such a beautiful space and will certainly be cheering you on around not only the world but the universe." Penny Croal, Meta Medicine Expert, Matrix Re-Imprinting Instructor

"All doubts and concerns quickly disappeared as Marilyn guided us from Zero to Hero. Thank you as I will now save so much time and money. Loved every moment. THANK YOU Ė HUGE BELIEF SHIFT Ė didnít think it would happen, but it did. Youíre an exceptional woman Marilyn. Blessed to have met you." Tally Northey, Autism Expert


Dr Cos Fantis on PhotoReading:

Penny Croal - "If you have to choose one Workshop that will help you will all other courses, choose this!":

Sukhi Wahiwala, an Award Winning Coach, Successful Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of LivingBig, shares his experience and thoughts about attending Marilyn Devonish's PhotoReading & Accelerated Memory & Intuition Supercharger Weekend. Having attended Marilynís regular PhotoReading Class, Sukhi immediately commissioned a special 3-Day PhotoReading event for a select group of his clients.

For further information about this special 3-Day PhotoReading Training where we cover additional information on Intuition and Memory, please go to: www.photoreadinglvb.eventbrite.com

Timings: Friday 4pm Ė 8pm. Saturday & Sunday 9am Ė 6.15pm

The course will take place at the Jury's Inn Hotel in Central Watford which is located 5 minutes walk from Watford Junction station (Watford Junction is a direct service and takes 15-20 minutes from London Euston). If you live in London you can be back at Euston by 6.45pm in the evenings, if not, the hotel have reasonable room rates over the weekend.

Your investment includes:

The entire 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop plus everything listed above is just £748.

*Your Certificate and Gold Seal allows you to repeat the class free of charge to wherever you happen to be in the world, as many times as you like, forever. You simply pay a nominal fee to cover room and venue costs. Costs will vary between countries and instructors.


For those that would like one to one PhotoReading coaching with Marilyn Devonish after the event, the coaching package price is £888. This includes 2 one to one coaching sessions after the event.

This weekend will change your life!

Click here to Register Now

Harun Rabbani - "This Workshop is one of the best that Iíve been to in years!":

Neelam Bakshi - "How to Finish a 9-Hour Written Exam in Just 3-Hours!":

Erika Brodnock - "I learned beyond my wildest expectations":

Manjit Kaur Jootle - "Itís like opening a box of firework of ideas":

Foszia Turner-Stylianou - "Sign yourself up to Marilynís PhotoReading Workshop. You will never ever regret it":

Caroline Chapple - The Art of SketchNoting & The PhotoReading Whole Mind System:

Dear Friend,
You may be asking yourself, "Why would I want to read faster?"

Well, if youíre like most people, you probably have a pile of reading you just canít get to. "PhotoReading" will teach you how to polish off the whole pile...in minutes instead of hours. So, you can...

All in at least one third the time you would spend now.

You can always slow down to enjoy a personal letter, a special poem, or other pleasurable writing. But, when you are on that information highway, you will be driving the Ferrari of Reading: PhotoReading. It is simply the best.

You can BLAST through information three times faster than you can right now.

It is time to step out of the reading dark ages and absorb information virtually at the speed of light with the amazing PhotoReading system. This super fast learning technology activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information. PhotoReading is fast...faster than speed reading. And it is easy! Whether itís books, magazines, or even business and technical information, you can absorb information as fast as you can turn the pages.

ē Be More Knowledgeable ē Improve Your Job Skills
ē Ease Your Workload ē Earn More Money

All you have to do is complete the easy-to-follow audio course, and start PhotoReading. You donít have to practice. But if you do practice, you will get better and maybe some day youíll PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute like myself and others.

25,000 words a minute? Youíve got to be kidding?

It works! You will actually "mentally photograph" the printed page as fast as you can turn the pages. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have done it before you.

If they could, you can. As a beginning PhotoReader, you can get through information three times faster than you can now. From there, the skyís the limit. Itís up to you!

WARNING: this is not speed reading

Speed reading is merely regular reading hastened up. You are taught to move your eyeballs faster.

With PhotoReading you learn to use your brain differently. After all, they say the human brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer on earth. If that is the case, then it has to be able to read faster than 212 words a minute, which is what the average American reads. With PhotoReading you tap into the greater abilities of your brain.

Speed reading is like looking at brick after brick after brick and eventually figuring out you are looking at a building. PhotoReading is like seeing the entire building right away, and then looking at the bricks when you need the details.

It is different, but it works, because it is based on how the brain likes to process information.

No wonder PhotoReading is the best-selling reading course in America today!

You may have seen me on television, PhotoReading books as fast as I could turn the pages and then answering questions with uncanny accuracy. Everything is absolutely for real. I can PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute. And you can, too. All you need is a little motivation, and you can be zipping through books as fast as you can turn the pages.

You donít have to be an Einstein ó just willing!

The PhotoReading courses have a 96% success rate, because almost everyone can use PhotoReading. Ages 13 and above. Use PhotoReading on all material from pleasure reading to business to academic to technical. Whether you want sharper thinking, increased productivity, more income, better grades, or more enjoyment out of life, PhotoReading can help you.

Will you make more money? You might. We have stacks of stories from people who have received superb performance reviews and significant raises.

Will you have less stress? Yup. PhotoReading takes the stress out of reading. Thatís a given.

Will you improve your memory? Probably. Thatís a by-product of PhotoReading.

If you are a student, will you go from a C to an A? You might. We have piles of testimonials that say so.

Even if you are now a slow reader with low comprehension, you can see a dramatic improvement with PhotoReading right away.

Learn from the Audio Program or in a Seminar.

The most convenient way to learn PhotoReading is through the PhotoReading personal learning course. You can finish the Classic Course of the self-study program in only a few hours. The Deluxe Course -- where real-life PhotoReaders show you how it is done on three professionally produced DVDs -- will take a little longer. If you prefer a seminar, UK Instructor Marilyn Devonish runs both public and bespoke corporate and private PhotoReading seminars throughout the year.

Or, like many people, you can do both!

Life is precious. Make the most of it.

If reading bogs you down, get PhotoReading. If you want to plow through information, get PhotoReading. Want more knowledge, improved job skills, more money, get PhotoReading. Enough stress. Do something about it. The rest of your life will be better. And, please remember that if for any reason you arenít happy with PhotoReading, send it back.

Be defiant. Step out of the dark ages of reading today. Get the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course or enrol on a seminar by calling +44-1923-337282 or email: marilyn@tranceformationsTM.com.

For your personal best,
Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies, President

P.S. If you are still reading the old fashioned way, try PhotoReading today. You will soon blast through books at least three times faster than you can now.

Paul Scheele

To hear from previous delegates and watch PhotoReading video testimonials click here.

Queens Park Community School Testimonial
PhotoReading Testimonial Letter from Queens Park Community School

Live Call with Marilyn Devonish - Q & A for the new PhotoReader
Click the Play button below to start the audio - total time approx 50 mins.

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Imagine being able to get through a 200-page book
in 30 minutes!

PhotoReading® is a proven way to process written information faster than your logical mind can comprehend. It is not speed reading rather it is a way to tap the fullest power of your whole mind.

Once you learn to PhotoRead, you will enjoy these benefits:

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“We live in an age when too little time and too much information compete. If we are to succeed, we require new skills for processing and learning from information. PhotoReading® is about working with the greatest information processing device known to mankind: the human mind.” says Paul Scheele, CEO of Natural Brilliance Productions and co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation.

PhotoReading® gives you more time and money to create better outcomes in your life.

Think about your stack of books and other reading materials. Feel guilty? Perhaps overwhelmed?

You are not alone and there is a solution to get your reading done in the time you have and with the comprehension you need. And your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Over 500,000 people have learned the amazing “PhotoReading® Whole Mind System”.

And it is taught in a dozen languages in cities around the world.

You can have greater power and increased income by learning PhotoReading®.

Your conscious mind is typically limited to five to nine pieces of data at a time. Yet, your subconscious mind can process 20,000 pieces while you are still working with 5 to 7 pieces. PhotoReading® accesses the subconscious mind to allow information to literally pour into you.

PhotoReading® is more than a reading improvement program . .

It is a life transforming must-have skill!

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What is the mystery of PhotoReading®?

PhotoReading® allows the subconscious mind to process written copy at a rate of a page per second. This is way beyond the conscious mind's ability to take in, but within the capabilities of the subconscious.

Even beginning PhotoReaders are able to process and understand any printed material three times faster after the weekend. This is where you will launch your skills upward to 25,000 words a minute and beyond!

All you need to do is remain open, curious and attend this 3-day PhotoReading® weekend.

If you want to put an end to your frustration of having too much to read and learn, come join Marilyn Devonish and watch how you too can become more proficient while reducing the time you need to invest to obtain vital information.

Even if you have technical materials to plow through, PhotoReading® is the ticket to get your reading done in the time you have and with the comprehension you need.

PhotoReading® does not require or develop a photographic memory. Rather it makes written material faster to process and easier to use, giving you access to what you need.

So what are you waiting for, your stack of books is not shrinking! Enroll today.

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Are you still curious?

Read on for more insight as to how PhotoReading® works -

There are 5 Steps in the PhotoReading® Whole Mind System

Step 1: State your purpose and be relaxed yet alert.
By stating what we want from the text, our mind can work more efficiently. A relaxed state of alertness using the effective Tangerine Technique will help you tap the information you need fast!

Step 2: Preview the information that will be PhotoRead.
This promotes rapid organization of the material presented, a framework to handle the information on as you apply the other techniques.

Step 3: PhotoRead.
You will learn to look at a book through new eyes. Your whole mind will be processing the text as you flip the pages.

Step 4: Postview to use the brainís ability to classify and recognise patterns and more consciously connect with the material.

Step 5: Activate to gain conscious awareness of what you have PhotoRead, heighten your intuition, and kick your memory into high gear.

Here is an electroencephalograph of a participant learning PhotoReading®:

Electroencephalograph provided by IBVA TechnologiesYour brainwaves change while you apply the techniques taught in PhotoReading.

The dark areas appeared while the student was "regular" reading. The lighter areas occurred while the student was PhotoReading®. Notice how quickly the change happened. You will see this happen live when you attend the PhotoReading® Weekend!

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Become a PhotoReader and watch your life transform!

PhotoReading Seminar Photoreading Seminar £748.00.

PhotoReading Seminar + one to one coaching £888.00.

Click here to Register Now

If you would like to register by mail and/or pay by cheque please send an email to Marilyn@tranceformationsTM.com

You will be sent instructions for registering by mail and the address to mail your information and cheque.


Would you like to read, study and learn more effectively and remember more of what you read?

What is PhotoReading?

PhotoReading is a whole mind system for reading, learning, absorbing, and recalling information more efficiently. It is designed to work in line with the way that the mind and brain naturally processes, stores, and retrieves information.

How does it work?

The PhotoReading whole mind system is designed in tap into the brain's natural mechanisms and engages the whole mind in the reading, learning and recall process. Understanding that you naturally learn best by taking things in over a period of time and in layers, the system taps into that process and makes reading and study quick and easy.

I've never heard of PhotoReading, when was it developed?

Paul Scheele M.A developed the system in 1985 whilst studying for his doctorate in adult learning and human development technologies. The first seminar was designed and run for IDS/American Express in January 1986. Paul has been developing and improving the system for wider usage ever since.

The term "system" sounds complicated, how long does it take to learn?

The system is surprisingly easy to learn and you can be PhotoReading within a matter of hours. Once you understand the 5 key steps, you can use them in any order or combination depending on your needs and requirements.

Can anyone learn to PhotoRead?

Yes. Anyone from the age of approximately 9 to 90 can master the system. It works equally well for those suffering from conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

What are the benefits of PhotoReading?

PhotoReading allows you to read more in less time, and be able to more easily recall and remember what you read. Typically a book, which might take 10 hours to read in a traditional way, can be PhotoRead and more fully understood in 2 -3 hours with greater comprehension. Unlike speed-reading, there are no drills to learn, once you've learnt the techniques you've learnt them for good. The system allows you to get your reading and studying done in a fraction of the time and to the level of comprehension you need. As well as helping you to read faster you can also improve your memory, productivity, efficiency, and motivation.

What have other people said about PhotoReading?

Paul McKenna, Hypnotherapist and TV Presenter said: "PhotoReading has amazing potential for helping people use more of their brain to accelerate learning".

John Grinder, Co-Developer of NLP said: "We live in an unbalanced world" [the analytical taking over from the creative] "The PhotoReading whole mind system as developed by Paul Scheele represents an excellent advance in redressing this imbalance".

Win Wenger, author of The Einstein Factor said: "PhotoReading appears to be the natural step forward in the evolution of human reading skills".

Derren Brown, star of Channel 4's Mind Control recently demonstrated his PhotoReading skills on the show during a segment filmed at the British Library.

How can I find out more?

For details of PhotoReading one to one coaching sessions and open training courses, you can contact Marilyn Devonish on:
Tel: 01923 337282
E-mail: Marilyn@tranceformationsTM.com

PhotoReading by Paul R. Scheele, M.A.

Photo Reading

The PhotoReading book by Paul R. Scheele costs £16 + £2.70 P&P.

Order your copy today using the link below!


The book is available at a 50% DISCOUNT when you join my mailing list! Click the PayPal button below to purchase the book for (£8 + £2.70 p&p) and automatically sign up for our newsletter.

Marilyn Devonish is a Business Studies Graduate, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, Life & Executive Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and `Management Consultant. She works with individuals and organisations that want to fulfill their greater potential.

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